Electronic & IT

A challenging and evolving sector that is relevant to a wide range of industries, including the power sector and the electronics industry.

Electronics and Information Technology (EIT) provides :

  • Support, Maintenance & Repair Services for Telco/Mobile Operators.
  • Distributor of RF products and Engineering services.
  • Distributor of TSAT Equipment and Engineering services.
  • Partner for Billing Systems for Telco/Mobile & Entertainment Media.
  • Distributor for Fiber Equipment (SDH/DWDM and Engineering Services.
  • Smart Grid, Advance Metering Infrastructure (AMI) using PLC and RF Technology.

TNB Smart Metering Project
Mahkota successfully implemented an end-to-end pilot project by TNB involving the roll-out of 1000 smart meters in Melaka and Putrajaya in 2016. Partnering with international meter manufacturers Sagemcom and Trillant. Currently we have supplied 96,540 units (Single Phase & Three Phase Meter, entire Melaka) of PLC meter and 90,552 units (Single Phase, Selangor & KL) of RF meter to TNB for the current ongoing implementation.

Supply of Smart Meters

Building of RF Network for Advance Metering Infrastructure (AMI)

The TSAT-3000/3500

The TSAT-3000/3500 system consists of an integrated satellite modem and IP router in 1U form with 19” rack mount capability.

The TSAT-3000/3500 includes a modulator and demodulator that supports one (1) outbound and one (1) inbound carrier with 8 to 160Kbps capability.

100kHz of satellite transponder capacity will be used, where the network will be able to support a maximum bidirectional link rate 38Kbps. To minimize the effects of rain fade, the network will operate on the C-Band. Modems are designed to work in extreme whether conditions without any additional cooling system. Current clint is TNB with 2 HUBs and 19 remote site supporting IEC 101/104 protocols.

Job Summary

1. To actively attend project sites to assist the Project Manager in all civil aspects related to the construction of Substations.
2. To assist the Project Manager in all civil aspects up to the completion of projects.
3. To assist the division in tender preparation especially on the pricing of civil related e.g equipment and construction.
4. To implement all procedure and practices as stipulated in the Company’s policy, including ISO and Safety.
5. To provide good assistance before and during internal/external audit by ensuring all related documents at site is updated from time to time.


Duties and Responsibilities

1. To resolve site problems and working closely with Project Manager, Client, Supervisor/Engineer, site workers on all related parties.
2. To liaise with and resolve all civil issue with consultant/client.
3. To closely monitor site activities and ensure works are carried out as per plan and with highest quality/standard.
4. To calculate the required materials quantity to be purchased and ensure the materials are sent at site timely.
5. To prepare and check a progress claim and/or report to the client, complete with preparation if quantity taking off and always keep on until the progress claim is paid by the client.
6. To attend field and witness material tests and all related tests carried out as per required in the project/contract or specifications.
7. To prepare Method of Statement and any related technical required as per requested by client/consultant/company.
8. To attend Project Monthly Progress Meeting including Safety Meeting.
9. To prepare all site audit requirement and attend the audit and close any comment/NCR issued (if any).
10. To prepare and manage local authority’s submission, etc.
11. To provide calculation and pricing for civil portion of all tenders to be participate by the division.
12. To review pricing and equipment provided by sub contractors and supplier.
13. To update, maintain and achieve all related documents/manual/records/correspondences as required for ISO 9001:2015/45001:2018.
14. Ensure that all statutory requirements including Safety and Health etc. are fully complied as per OSH 18001:2007/45001:2018, etc.
15. Implementation of company procedures and practice at site.
16. Attend to auditor’s queries (internal/external).
17. To ensure organized filing system in order to have easy retrieval of all related documents.
18. Able to coordinate closely with all levels of staff to meet tight deadlines.
19. Build and maintain positive working relations with co-workers, relevant stakeholders and the public using principles of good customer service.
20. To perform any other relevant task as assigned by the Project Manager.