Company Name Project Description
Undisclosed Turnkey contract for 230/132kV Substation at Rampura, Bangladesh.
Undisclosed Turnkey construction of a New 132/33kV Grid Substation at Hambantota and 2 x 132kV Line Bays at Embiliptiya, Sri Lanka.
Undisclosed Turnkey Construction of 220kV Nha Be Substation and Extension of 220kV Phu Lam Substation under Phu My 1 Power Project.
Undisclosed Phase 4 – 500kV System Development at Air Tawar And Bukit Tarek Extension.
Undisclosed Establishment Of 275/132/33kV Puchong Perdana Substation.
Undisclosed Proposed 275kV (1000MVA) Transmission Line From Olak Lempit To Puchong Perdana.
Undisclosed Sabah Nothern Grid project
Undisclosed Extension from Kota Kinabalu to Kudat, Sabah (to SESB).
Undisclosed Kuching EHV Outer Ring Project For Switchgears, Cables & Ancillary Equipment.