Track Records

Electronic & IT

Supply, Installation, Testing, Commissioning and Maintenance Services:

  • Retrofitting of Engine Management System (EMS) for enforcement boats.
  • Repair and maintenance of test instruments and fiber transmission equipment.
  • Installation and maintenance of Radio Transmitting Stations for TV3.
  • Smart Meter installation for TNB at Melaka.
  • Supply of PLC smart meter to TNB.
  • Supply, Installation and Testing of Backhaul RF communication system for TNB.
  • Supply, Installation, Testing and Maintenance of Satellite communication (TSAT) for TNB Distribution Automation (DA).
  • Supply, Installation and Testing & Commissioning of Outdoor/Indoor RTU and FTU for TNB Distribution Automation (DA).
  • Maintenance and support for AMI (Software) –Pilot Project
  • SCADA – Remote Pump monitoring system in Badas, Brunei.