Store Executive

Type of Employment

Contract for 23months.

Proposed Salary

RM2,500.00 – RM2,800.00 (monthly remuneration subject to genuine project exposure)

Basic Qualification & Prerequite

  • Minimum two (2) years of experience in storekeeping, inventory control and record keeping.
  • Knowledge of proper bookkeeping and inventory management.
  • Physical fit to lift and carry materials.
  • Familiar with standard concepts and best practices for store/warehouse.
  • Analytical and able to make accurate mathematical computations.
  • Good writing and verbal communication skills both in Bahasa and English.
  • Keen intention to detail and ability to effectively manage time.
  • Ability to safely and legally operate a forklift is preferred but not compulsory.
  • Skills to operate common office equipment.
  • Diploma holder or equivalent.
  • Valid driving license and willingness to acquire and maintain forklift certificate.
  • Work irregular hours to accomplish urgent shipment and/or pending assignments, when requested.

Required Skills

  • Discipline
  • Communication
  • Initiating Action
  • Planning and Organizing Work Standards

Job Summary

  • To actively lead and control all issues relating to day-to-day running of the store including stock movement (internal/external), logistic, insurance and forklift.
  • To implement all procedures and practices as stipulated in company policy/ISO/OSH.

Duties and Responsibilities


  • To execute the full cycle of logistics upon receipt from the respective divisions inclusive of liaising with insurance providers and customers for exemption requirements,
  • Follow up with vendors concerning delivery schedules and commitments,
  • Interpret (logistics) contract provisions and review contracts for accuracy and changes,
  • Evaluate various logistics proposals and specifications. Also to negotiate and present related findings and recommendations.


  • Actively driving and managing the annual insurance renewal process by obtaining the best value in relation to the premium vs. insurance coverage and services obtained trade-offs,
  • Maintain and renew Company’s vehicle insurance and risk related issues.


  • To manage and execute all activities at the main store and bounded warehouse on daily basis operation.
  • To manage goods receive from transporter/project site and to ensure proper inventories control and record.
    • To call and inform Procurement and Division’s personnel before receiving goods (internal/external)
    • To call and inform HOD and to ensure either the HOD or his representative is present at the store.
    • To check incoming goods with division representative to ensure that the type and quantities tally with the information in the delivery orders (DO).
    • To ensure condition on all incoming goods before the division representative acknowledges the DO.
    • To raise Store Receive Note (SRN) and to be signed by the respective personnel.
  • To monitor and ensure proper inventories movement control and record.
    • Division to provide packing list/DO.
    • To check outgoing goods and to issue Material Requisition Note (MRN).
    • To raise Vehicle Log whenever involve transport.
  • To manage the arrangement of stock and maximise storage’s specifications.
  • Work closely with division HOD on project related matters such as temporary goods placed in the Store.
  • To monitor that actual physical stocks tally with the inventory(s) listing.
  • Responsible the safekeeping of all goods/Company assets in the Store.
  • Responsible for record/files, database integrity within area of responsibility.
  • To load and unload of goods using a forklift or other suitable vehicle in the right way and in accordance with safety procedures.
    • To manage forklift parked inside the store, including starting the engine, repair, service and routine maintenance.
  • To make arrangements with the transporters on delivery(s)/schedules.
  • To comply and provide continuous support to ISO 9001:2015,
  • To comply and provide continuous support to OSH 18001:2007:-
    • To notify potential dangerous situation regarding the stocks of material.
    • Responsible for organizing, signaling, the order and cleanliness of all areas for storage in the store


  • Initiate related documentation in accordance with company policy and practices.
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