Safety & Health Officer (SHO)

Job Summary:-

  • To handle and/or supervise all safety, including health awareness at site/HQ in accordance to the Occupational Operational Safety and Health Act (OSHA 1994-Act 514), Factories and Machinery Act (BOWEC Regulation) 1996 and any related updated of OSH legislation.
  • To take proactive steps to ensure all related personnel, including workers is complying with Safety requirement at site/HQ either in verbal advice or written notice.
  • To implement all procedures and practices as stipulated in the company’s policy including Safety.
  • To provide assistance for safety before & during internal/external’s audit by ensuring all related documents at site is updated from time to time.
  • To avoid Corruption/bribery in any management process.

Duties and Responsibilities:-

  • To promote a safe conduct of work.
  • To assist the Company in developing the safety policies in compliance with the OSH & FMA act & its regulations and consistent with the vision and safety objectives of the Company.
  • To review and monitor latest legal and other compliance and to update accordingly.
    • To inform Management Representative (MR) via written notification.
    • To actively work with MR on compliance issues and prevention measures.
    • To attend internal and external auditor’s queries.
  • Responsible for implementing the requirements of the Safety Management System (site and

    • To promote a high level Safety Management System awareness.
  • Take pro-active measures to identify hazards, assess the risk and then implement suitable control measures to eliminate all dangers.
  • To ensure subcontractors comply to the requirements of the Safety Management System which outlined their responsibilities and commitments.
  • Review all HIRARC and Job Hazard Analysis before its execution.
  • Maintain pertinent information on Emergency Response Plan (ERP) and to ensure the relevant communication information is distributed to the responsible party.
  • Ensure first aid facility and welfare facilities for workers are in good condition.
  • Coordinate with Sub-Contractor on training courses where appropriate for any unfamiliar or hazardous operations being introduced onto the project and ensure the safety awareness remains high at all times.
  • Review Safety Management System in order to introduce improvement and amendments as to reflect the changes work situation and progress at site.
  • To conduct site safety inspection and recommend corrective action for unsafe act of workers and rectification for unsafe condition in all workplaces by submitting written report to HQ.
  • To submit a Monthly Safety Report and Safety Statistic record for DOSH and HQ record;
    • Compile and submit NADOOPOD, JKKP 8, Monthly Safety & Health Report to relevant parties involved (Internal/External).
  • Liaise with the DOSH, Police and other relevant government agencies with regard to health, safety and security matters affecting workers.
  • To observe and/or maintain a diary detailing safety activity(s), hazardous works, housekeeping, safety instruction, etc. in place.
  • Build and maintain positive working relationships with co-workers, relevant stakeholders and the public using principles of good customer service.
  • Perform any other relevant tasks as assigned by superior.


  • Valid Green Book holder registered with the Department of Occupational Safety & Health (DOSH)
  • Minimum two (2) years experience at site and/or assignment exposure
  • Familiar with standard concepts and best practices for construction/substation/environment for both safety and administration
  • Good writing and verbal communication skills both in Bahasa and English.
  • Have knowledge on:-
    • OSH Legislations,
    • Occupational Risk Assessment,
    • Preparation of Safe Operating Procedure,
    • Monitoring the effectiveness of control measures,
    • Encouraging worker’s participation,
    • Continuously improving to ensure sustained compliance to OSH Law
  • Keen intention to detail and ability to effectively manage time.
  • Skills to operate common office/site equipment.
  • Valid driving license.
  • Work irregular hours to accomplish urgent shipment and/or pending assignments, when requested.

Salary Range:-

  • RM6,000.00 – RM7,000.00 (monthly remuneration subject to genuine project exposure)


  • Contract

Other Benefits:-

  • Group Hospitalization Insurance
  • Medical Expenses
  • Allowances
  • Training opportunities
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