Job Summary:-

  • To assist in project management, including tender involvement, planning and control, including complying with all procedures and practices.
  • To avoid Corruption/Bribery in any work process.

Duties and Responsibilities:-

  • Design, develop and maintaining electrical control systems, inspection & maintenance program for machinery and equipment. Also include drawing up plans using computer engineering and testing installations/systems and analyzing data as well as carrying out feasibility studies for new technical innovations.
  • Handle day-to-day management of engineering operations, planning and provide innovative ideas to improve processes.
  • Ensure that all projects are executed professionally and in accordance with the client’s contract document, conditions and company interests.
  • Define project tasks and develop full scale project plans to ensure that the project is completed within the stipulated deadline in order for progress claims/invoicing is done on time.
  • Attend project/coordination meetings, liaise and work closely with clients, consultants, suppliers/subcontractors and other external parties involved in the execution of the project.
  • Work closely and communicate effectively with our F&A on project related matters e.g. cashflow, logistics, procurement and obtain all relevant reports/information required to ensure the smooth running of the projects.
  • Ensure all statutory requirements such as Safety and Health Acts etc. including COVID 19, are fully complied with.
  • Implementation of company procedures and practices as such QA & QC etc.
  • Make sure that all purchases/cost made is according to our contract card/tender vet and spent within the budget allocation and resources of the contract.
  • Track deliverables and provide direction/support to project team.
  • Provide superior with project updates, and monthly reports on the status of the project.
  • Ensure that all invoicing are done on time and monitor the cashflow as well as the collection of the project.
  • Organzed filing system in order to have easy retrieval of all related documents.
  • A team player and able to coordinate closely with all levels of staff to meet tight deadlines.
  • Build and maintain positive working relationships with co-workers, relevant stakeholders and the public using principles of good customer service.


  • Registered Engineer (BOE)
  • Excellent problem solving skills, proactive, team player and able to meet tight schedule/dateline.
  • Work irregular hours to accomplish urgent and/or pending assignment
  • Computer skills
  • Good communication skills both in Bahasa Melayu and English.

Salary Range:-

  • RM2500 – RM3,500
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